Friday, July 15, 2011

Casting Rose Hathaway...

Well as most of you may know the Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead is supposed to be turned into a movie. This is still in the planning-phase and Preger Entertainment the once in charge said, that they want to give the fans the chance, too tell them which actors they would like to play their favorite characters.
On the official Facebook site the discussion is going on and on and on, so I decided I myself will join it.
I already casted the book when I first read it, but looking back on those decisions I have to say, most of the actors are just too old.
So I'm setting out to cast the entire book new.
And here is the first decision:

Emily Robins for Rose

 Rose is the Protagonist of the story. She is a Dhampir, half vampire and half human, which means she is trained to one day protect a Moroi, a vampire from the evil Strigoi, a different race of vampires. Her best friend Lissa is a Moroi-princess and Rose is training very hard to be the best, so she may be chosen to protect Lissa.
The only thing distracting Rose is, unfortunately, her teacher the good looking, talented, and damn far out of her reach Dimitri. Can Rose control her feelings and reach her goals, while she faces the dangers coming toward her?

I think Emily has the looks, the age and the talent to play a wonderful Rose. My first pick was Sophia Bush, but Rose is a Teenager, so I think someone a little bit younger like Emily, would fit better.

For news about the movie visit the official fan.-movie page.
How would you choose to play Rose?

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