Thursday, July 7, 2011

Between Fact and Fiction...

I just wanted to pop in and recommend to you this blog: Between Fact and Fiction by Natalie Whipple.
If been reading her blog for a little while now and I really like her style of writing and the good advices she gives on writing.

But if I liked her blog for a long time, why am I recommending it now?
Because Natalie Whipple just announced that her first book Transparent will be released in Summer 2013 from Harperteen! Congratulations from my side.
And if that wasn't enough her book even sounds interesting enough to go straight on my "I'm excited about"-list.
So here, to make it official:

I'm excited about... Part IV 

 Transparent by Natalie Whipple will be published in 2013 by Harperteen. It is described as X-Men meets The Godfather (and OMG I just love X-Men, no joke, I'm a total Nerd when it comes to X-Men, now you know my deep-dark secret) 
Here is the official description: 

Fiona McClean is invisible—literally. She has one more chance to escape her crime lord, mind-controlling, father before he adds "perfect assassin" to her already-horrible title of "perfect thief." But hiding in a small, desert town with a mother she hates, a brother she can't trust, and a boy she can't stand proves more difficult than she ever imagined.

It really sounds strange and that's what makes it so interesting. So take a look at Natalie's blog and I'll see you soon :) 
Best wishes 

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