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Wintersmith a fairytale from the Discworld

Wintersmith (Tiffany Aching, #3) (Discworld, #35)Wintersmith (Tiffany Aching, #3) by Terry Pratchett

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A wonderful and lovely read, Pratchett like we love and like him.

Terry Pratchett is in my opinion one of the best authors ever. When I start to read a Terry Pratchett book I never now, if it is as good as the last one or even better, because they are all just amazing and awesome. And I've read more than two, so I know what I'm talking about :)
It is always unfair, when you compare another author to Terry Pratchett, because you know, even before you start the comparison, how it is going to end. ;)

He has a way of writing, that is really special. He can make you laugh and giggle by every word you read and each of his characters gets more and more kinky with every page. But behind this funny facade there is a message ion every book. And the Wintersmith does not make an exception. Nothing is as it seems. (I mean what would a good witch be without a little Boffo?)You should always know what you're doing or at least try to think about it. But even if you do something without thinking about it, if you just listen to your heart (or your feet) something good can come out of it... or not.

It shows just like Witches Abroad how important stories for us humans and our world are.
The Wintersmith has a love triangle that is... let us call it interesting, special and unique. But that is what we all love about Terry Pratchett, his uniqueness.

The concept of Horace, the cheese, reminds a little bit of the box on feet just without the eating-people-part (except for that one time when Horace tried to eat Rob, though Daft Wulli said Horace didn't mean it. I mean we know, box meant it EVERY time (: )and without the wood. But that is the only thing that seems a little bit "old". If you read the Wintersmith and it is the first Pratchett book you read, you will understand it fully and without any problems. And you will love it :)

And if you read many other Pratchett books as well, you will love to see so many old friends again. Like the most interesting witches, the wee free men (who are just so funny and cute, but I could understand if they annoy Tiffany, our lovely Protagonist), and even Death, who is in my opinion as great as ever, no matter how small his parts are. And many, many wonderful new characters as well like the goddess Anoia whose Job it is to find things that rolled under pieces of furniture.

All in all, I would read every book with Granny Weatherwax in it and I would recommend it to everyone :)

Good reads to everyone :)

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