Saturday, June 4, 2011

Supernatural Cat-power

In the upcoming ABC Family show The Nine lives of Chloe King, a young teenage girl, called Chloe, dies on her 16th birthday and is reborn with superhuman Cat-power. Cloe finds out that she belongs to an old race of cat-like people.
Now Chloe has the burden of protecting her entire race, fighting against evil undead and century-old enemies and like that isn`t enough she finds herself in the middle of a love-triangle.
You want to see Chloe balancing her supernatural life with the normal problems a teen has? Like algebra classes and first crushes? You want an edgy supernatural read like The Vampire Diaries or The Immortal Series?
And all of that before the ABC Family show starts?
Discover it all in The Nine lives of Chloe King by Liz Braswell who writes it as Celia Thomson :

The show premieres Tuesday June 14 at 9/8 c
Are you going to watch it or are you going to read it first?

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