Sunday, June 12, 2011

A shout out to all the ladies...

I read a very interesting essay yesterday. It was published in A Visitor's Guide to Mystic Falls and was written by Sarah Rees Brennan, author of The Demon's Lexicon. Though the essay was about The Vampire Diaries it got me thinking a little bit bigger. The Topic was Women who love Vampires who eat women. And to sum it up Sarah R. Brennan pointed out how little the number of women is, who actually survive on this TV show.
So I thought, yeah, she's right. How many female kick ass Vampires do I know? How many kick ass female supernaturals do I know?
So today we are going to do a little counting. I know Zoe, from House of Night by PC and Kristin Cast, I know Rose and Lissa from Vampire Academy (though there are many many kick ass boys there too) by Richelle Mead and I know Dru from Strange Angels by Lili St Crow.
And that's it. Honestly, to come up with more names I really need to think... hard.
And what goes on with the boys?
Rose and Lissa have, as I said, kick ass boyfriends and more guys than girls on their school. Dru is accompanied by two boys and Zoe spends in my opinion too much time thinking about the two boys she likes.
Than there are Dracula and his companions. Frankenstein was a guy, Van Helsing was a guy, werewolves are most of the time guys... You cannot find a kick ass heroine in this genre without at least two guys on her heels.
One reason may be that we all love some good romance, and you cannot have a love triangle or a relationship with just one girl, that's logical. But can you come up with other reasons why there are so less kick ass girls? And why do they always have kick ass guys with them?
Do you know more supernatural girls?
And last but not least a shout out to all those supernatural ladies, because the genre would be boring without you and where can we find good looking guys if not in your shadow?
Keep thinking, keep reading, keep living

Ps: Yeah I know I forgot Buffy, Ever and Chloe but I had to think to come up with those names. :)

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