Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Writing tips...

So, there are a lot of "how to write" out there and I promised to give you some tips, too.
Well, that's harder than it sounds. Every writer has his or her own stile and writes in a different way. Some do exercises or something else. Others just write. And that's the only tip I can give you without having a bad  conscience: WRITE! (and breath, but beside that there is nothing you can do to be a better writer)

I found a wonderful "How to write" and I have to admit it is the best one I've ever read. This article really helps, when you lose your courage: How to be a writer

It's the only tip I have for you right now, but I hope it helps.
And to get back to the topic I had yesterday (Sun or Rain?) the sun is gone today and it doesn't stop raining... That's what I call a coincidence!?

A wonderful day for everyone

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