Friday, May 20, 2011

What makes me love Thursdays...

Thursday is the best day of the week... You can almost see the weekend and the evening gets really juicy, when our favorite TV Vamps kick some ass in The Vampire Diaries at the CW.

The finale of the second TVD season left us all totaly shocked and wanting more. So I thought I could not want the fall, and the new TVD season more. We all know, that Harperteen fired L.J Smith from her own series (I mean what?! ) and TVD is going on without her. 
Well, looks like The Vampire Diaries won't be the only show based on L.J Smith novels out there.
To keep it short: The Secret Circle, a series by L.J Smith about a coven of witches is heading the CW this fall. On Thursdays!

I loved the Vampire Diaries and how the witch Bonny was presented in the CW series, so I`m really looking forward to see some more witch power! And as a major plus: Brit Robertson (I blogged about her before) is staring as the leading role. I just loved how she portrayed the troubled Lux on Life Unexpected ( another CW show ;) ) and Phoebe Tonkin is staring, too. This better be good :)
Watch the trailer below and tell  me, what are you more excited for? The returning of our favorite Vamps or a fresh wind?

And don`t miss the other new CW shows, looks like they have something nice for us this fall.
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