Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some Sunshine to spook you ;)

SunshineSunshine by Robin McKinley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I read a book I'm normally really exited when there are only a few pages left before I get to the end. I love finding out how a story ends and the good feeling that I finally finished something that was worth my time. But when I read Sunshine by Robin McKinley I got sad, when there were only a few pages left to read. And I prayed, that there would be a sequel. Because the story is so exciting, dark and mysterious that I wanted more of it.

Sunshine is a young baker living in a world that is different from ours. There are spots you don't visit because of the dark magic that is there. You don`t go out at night, you may run into a vampire or something worse.
One of those dark spots is near the lake Sunshine and her grandmother visited, when she was little. Because of that Spot she hasn't been there in ages, but now she wants to visit it again. Just to calm herself down and just for a few moments. The sun is still shining, so what could possible happen?
Well you never know.
A few yards back Constantin, a powerful vampire is held hostage by his enemies, weak because he didn't drink in a long time. So to keep him alive his enemies set out to find some food. And, of course, they run into Sunshine. So she is thrown into a room as breakfast for a monster, but the monster doesn't want to give his enemies the glory of seeing his weakness.

Sunshine has to escape, but her only hope is the vampire chained to the wall opposite of her and the little tricks her grandmother used to show her years ago. How you can transform thing. Just tricks, not magic,right?
Are Sunshine and Constantin able to escape? And is she able to safe him from the deadly sun shining outside, that she needs so much?

What I loved most about this books are the dark parts that send chills up and down your spine. I wouldn't consider it a YA book, it's way to creepy for that. And the best part? The heroine knows, how creepy all this is and she is freaked out as well. You can understand her feelings and reasons fully, something you can't do with every protagonist.
And it is a Vampire story. But not one of the new ones. Those Vampires do not twinkle in the sun, they don't detest human blood and they really like hurting other beings. They are creepy, dangerous and inhuman. They are Vampires.
Just like Dracula was back in the old days.
This book pulls you into its gloomy story and you can't get out until you finished it. And then you just want more. Definitely a must have for all lovers of obscure and good stories. For those who like being scared. Perfect for dark days.

Love, hope and words for everyone...
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