Friday, March 11, 2011

Some news and cast choices XD

Since no one told me to blog in English, or stop blogging in English I will just continue, until someone tells me to stop :)

I finished the third instalment in the breathtaking “Darkest Powers” Series by Kelley Armstrong and I started watching “Degrassi”. Already knowing where this is heading? No? Be patient ;)
You know how much I like choosing actors to play roles from books ore other stories. Of course “The Darkest Powers” is not going to be made into a movie yet (I don’t wanna spread rumours…) but I think I found a good match for Tori.

Tori or Victoria Enright as some might call her is… how do you say that? The “bad bitch” trying to get between protagonist Chloe and her maybe-boyfriend Simone. Later on she joins the group for good and here stops my description, because, as always, I don’t wanna spoil anything.
I think Annie Clark playing Fiona on Degrassi would play a perfect Tori. Not because she already proved that she can play “the bad bitch” but because I think she just got the looks:

I know some people suggest Selena Gomes as Tori, and she would be good, too, but I (after some thinking) definitely prefer Annie
What do you think? Tell me about it…
Here you find Info about Tori, Degrassi or the Darkest Powers.
Read the books! As I posted before (the question is just where? Follow the tags^^) they are definitely worth reading and I’m so waiting for the new Darkest Rising series by Kelley Armstrong :)

And finally if got something, that is worth being called "news on the VA movie". There was a interview with the owners of the movie rights. All Infos can be found here

So for me its back to being creative, just wanted to ask you guys about my “casting decision”
Wish you all a nice weekend full of words and fun, lots of fun ^^
I, as always, don't own the picture, but it is fair use only
Song of the day: Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin

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