Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I can't wait for... Part I

Well, I thought I just show you some of the books I can't wait to get. Unfortunately I have to wait until they come out :( But hey anticipation is the best of all pleasures as they say in my home country.

So here are the first books:

"Bloodlines" and "Schicksalsbande" by Richelle Mead
This is the first installment in Richelle Meads' new series. It is a spin off to the Vampire Academy books and centers around Sydney, the alchemist. I'm really excited that we are going to hear more from this character because I really liked her during the original series.
But I have to be really careful and can't read much about this book, because to be honest (please don't tell anyone) I haven't finished the Vampire Academy series yet. I know, that's bad and I'm not a real fan, but I read the German version of the books and "Last Sacrifice" isn't out in Germany yet *sob*
So right now I'm counting down the days, until I can finally find out how the whole story ends. And trust me, it is really hard to not just browse over to Amazon and get the English copy. After my last visit to the bookstore of my trust the book budget sank down rapidly, so I can't buy the book in two different versions... *more sobbing*
This is the German cover:
I think it's really beautiful, but I liked the other ones more... But you can't judge a book by it's cover, right? You can find the other German covers here. Just scroll down and you see them on the right side.

The world of another one of my favorite series is going to get larger this year:
Kelley Armstrong is going to publish the first book of her Darkness Rising series. It is set in the same world as her Darkest Powers series and centers again around a teenage supernatural. She is called Maia and lives in a small medical research town. Just like the others did before Maia has yet to find out, that she has supernatural powers and that those were changed through some genetical experiments. Here is the Cover:

For more information on the books go to the authors sites: Richelle Mead and Kelley Armstrong
In Part II you are going to read something about two other books :)
But first I would like to hear your opinion. Which books are you waiting for?

Nice dreams of words to everyone

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