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The Blood Coven by Mari Mancusi

Girls That Growl (Blood Coven, #3)Girls That Growl by Mari Mancusi

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Blood Coven- Series is one I enjoyed right from the beginning. The idea of Goth-girl Rayne and how she wants to become a vampire was really interesting but nothing that really stood out of the crowd of vampire-books. And that crowd is big these days.

The Protagonists of this books, Rayne and Sunny McDonald are of course lovely. I mean, the names? Just cute.
When Rayne finally has the chance to become a vampire, things start to go down. The Bloodmate she shall have, the hot Vampireleader Magnus, mistakes Sunny for her and bites the twin instead. But Sunny doesn’t want to be a vampire. So she and Magnus set out to find the only cure to that curse: The holy grail.
Then, in book two Raynes Teacher tells her, that he is part of a secret agency and it is his job to kill evil vampires. Enough reason for trouble? Well, it actually gets better: In every generation there is one girl, which is destined to be the Slayer. (Kinda reminds me of Buffy :) ) And ironically this time it’s Raynes turn. So she sets out to defeat evil Vampires, Magnus General, the (of course) hot Jareth on her side.
So things down in the blood coven world got really amazing and it was really hard for me to imagine how Mari Mancusi would make it even more amazing in book three. I mean, how is she going to bring something new into the vamp-crowd?
Too many sequels often kill a series, because it starts to get boring, the air is out or the reader just thinks: “Well, we had that before”
But Mari Mancusi proofed that there is another way.

“Girls that Growl” is the third instalment and it is definitely worth reading. It didn’t kill the series, it made it better.
This time Slayer Inc. sets Rayne on a new job: The Cheerleading Squad. Someone overheard the Pom-Pom swinging girls growling. So as tryouts approach Rayne is faced with something harder than defeating evil Vampires: turning from Goth into Girlie.
But trouble continues and evidence the Squad is more likely a pack, a werewolf-pack, aren’t making things better.
In their third adventure the McDonald twins are faced with new foes as well as new friends. But is everything really as it seems?
I wouldn’t say “Girls that Growl” is the best book of the series, but it is definitely as good as the others. The whole Blood Coven Series is something no Vampire-friend should miss, but if you are already pissed of all the vampires running around here it is not going to make you into a vamp-lover.
So all in all “Girls that Growl” is worth the money and definitely proved that the Blood Coven Series should continue. So now I’m waiting for the next one, and again it is “how is she going to top this?” :)

While it is for me back to learning history (I hate exams :( ) I hope you all have enough time to enjoy your life.
And last but not least: My hope is at the other end of the world right now, and I wish all the best for the people that lost everything they had in the earthquakes. And for all the people that might loose everything because of the damage in the nuclear power plants. Over all the discussion pro and against nuclear power we should not forget about the one thing that really counts here: The People suffering.

Best wishes, hope and words to everyone

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